Loving My Inner self

13 Feb

I think people might get me wrong,
But on this day my inner love is born.
The kind of love that isn’t to be shared,
The kind of love you’ll always want there.
I will do this without any fear of regret,
Today is the day I choose to love myself.
I will buy me chocolates and roses,
While I lounge on chariots rode by horses.
They might say the good girl has gone bad,
But what can I do if loving me makes people sad.
It only happens once each passing year,
The only time I can risk facing my fears.
On this day nothing else will matter but me,
As I try to be the happiest I can be.
Happiness brought by simply loving me.
I dedicated myself to others for so long,
So on this day I choose to be wrong.
Wrong to them but right to myself,
I think I do deserve some kind of rest.
This will not be a conventional valentine,
For I will spend time with only me myself and i.
I will stare at that girl in the mirror,
With a smile I’ll ask what she wants for dinner.
If she smiles back that means anything with good wine,
Not such a bad thing to spend time with awesome company.

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