That Girl

21 Feb

That girl…

That girl who would give her umbrella away
because its so small its barely enough to shade both of you
so that the raindrops smash you heads
so that she won’t feel bad seeing you getting wet all alone..
because she knows if she tries to give it to you
you will insist she needs it more..

That girl who calls just to say goodnight
because texts and whatsapp seems inadequate
because she can’t sleep before she knows how your day was
because you are that other part of her
because she knows you can’t sleep too

That girl who isn’t afraid to dream with you
both in her dreams and day dreams
of how a perfect couple you will be for a lifetime
of how you will name your kids
of how you will listen to the baby kick in her tummy
of how you will be pregnant together
of how you will hold her hand in maternity
and tell her to push harder
like she pushed it in that night..

That girl who knows being loyal isn’t being stupid
her love is all yours at anytime
and your love is not in question too
and all your affection is hers too
and all of you is for her any moment anywhere
loyalty love and respect makes you a family

That girl who turns you on and off
with a snap of her finger you so happy
with a snap of her finger you so mad
she makes you experience all emotions forthwith
she makes you…
as you make her too

That girl who smile is enough to make your day
her words turns a nightmare into a heaven sent moment

That girl is rare today
if you find her love her with all your heart and soul
treasure her always..

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One response to “That Girl

  1. Nezra's Opiate

    February 21, 2015 at 2:10 pm

    Oh, such a rare gem these days.
    Crazy how this gem is often ignored of rhinestones instead…
    Good Piece.


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