Her Slave

23 Feb

A heart in slavery
A soul in bondage
He wants to leave but is in chains
He’s not afraid to lose her
If that means living a happy life
She’s taken
But he keeps hoping it’ll change
She’s taken
But he believes in happy endings.
He is her slave
A slave of her thoughts
Everything he touches has the feel of her skin
Everything he sees bears a hint of her smile
And he spends all afternoons
Locked up in his room
Friends with solitude
Mooning over her lingerie
Again and again.
He’s her fool
He’s her slave
A slave to her whims
A slave to her wishes
He loves her.
She’s taken
Yet still attached to him.
Before the miner can get his gold
Or hot temper turns cold
She’ll sneak into his arms
And he’ll plant sinful seeds in her farm
Even if it only lasts the span of a click
Or a chuckle
Or a giggle.
He sits in silence
Consulting his thoughts and feelings.
Then he recalls her shyness,
A delicate trait that enchants him,
And he kills his plans of leaving.
He remains her slave.

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