If I had

03 Mar

There was a party
And I was just a passer-by
They asked if I could pray
To set the party going
But I couldn’t partake
For I was just a passer-by
Without a pass
So I just prayed
And off I went
Then there were thoughts
And they troubled my mind
Whether I should have told
The group at the party
That I hadn’t eaten in days
Just before I prayed
To set the party going
Next I met a young man
Who told me his story
That his momma had hit him
For skipping homework
So he’d decided
That he’s not gonna go back
To a home with parents
Who were gonna hit him
But as I went
I regretted not telling my story
To the young boy who’d skipped homework
Maybe if he’d known
That I was abandoned by my parents
Before I could start school
And I had no one to hit me
For skipping homework
Because I had known no school
He would go back home
To the parents who hit him
And I saw a mad man
Feasting on crumbs in bins
Hustling and jostling with dogs
For rotten food
And I looked at my hungry self
Then realized how grateful I must be
That I didn’t have the courage
To open a bin
And satisfy myself

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