All things are possible

10 Mar

No nothing is impossible
If you can see it
Then you can reach it
If you can believe it
Then you can make it
You can reach out and touch the sky
If you got the will then you are unstoppable
You were created by God,you are capable
If the success door cannot open then you
Can knock them down by force
Nothing is impossible
You push on it in life
Anything you can see
You can get it
In life you can make it
Its you alone who can break it
Nothing is impossible
It all need a step of faith
Coz the journey of a thousand miles
Starts with a simple step
And that is to believe
Nothing is impossible
The impossibility is in your mind
Act with open mind not to be blind
To all people be kind
Because life has teachings
Nothing is impossible
With God all things are possible
Try hard if not harder
If you fail bounce back
Like a marble on a hard surface
Nothing is impossible
Press it hard
Always play well your card
Fly away from trouble like a bird
Hold on to it
Nothing is impossible
When you fall down
Pick up yourself
Dust yourself and move on
Try it again to see the gain

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