What a Shame it would be

18 Mar

It’s another summer morning
The sky is clear, serene, rich,
Just clear blue running across
To meet sky’s extreme ends.
This, a place we usually associate
With hands of the Most High
That stretched and touched,
The sky being an endless ocean,
My soul dives deep inside.
When I’m done I come out,
Feeling like I’ve been baptized.
Lost in the sky’s immense size
You turn eighty and imagine,
You’ve turned eighty years younger.
For the sky’s immense size
Makes you feel very small.
When I’m not looking at the sky
I always feel as if I’m lost
And my heart no longer retains
Its smooth essential rhythm.
Yes, sleep gives me a premonition of tranquillity
But with a blue sky laid above,
To cover the sleeping world,
I’m forced to relent, once again,
To new beginnings of eternity.
Of the long rolling blues
Tinged with scattered clouds.
Is it therefore not a shame?
To spend your life looking down
Then finally go to your grave
Without having ever looked
At the sky, always above you
And at any time of the day?
Or without having felt eager
To discover being part of it.
Only then is when you’ll discover
How beautiful the sky is
Then you’ll tilt your head back
And start smiling at sky up
Yet what you’ll be smiling at,
Will be right under your feet.

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