The Good Wife

07 Apr

They say I will make you a good wife,
Because I can cook and clean pretty neat,
That provided I keep your food always on the table,
Warm and enough,
You will forever cherish me,
For the way to a man’s heart,
Was through his satisfied gut.
They say that you will definitely like me as your wife,
Because I am plump and curvy,
And my womb can create you a mighty army,
That I can keep your bed warm all through coldest Julys,
With the fat around my thighs,
And that my waist will give you something to hold on to,
When the nightmares get too real,
Maybe they were right…
They also told me that I would make you a perfect wife,
Especially because I do not talk much,
Neither do I know how to argue,
And so I would rarely nag you,
And that, was every man’s dream,
It all sounded good,
And I couldn’t wait to meet you,
See how this perfect arrangement would work out, perfectly,
So that I could thank my stars,
For saving me the trouble I saw my mates go through,
All in the name of finding the one,
You sounded perfect for the job.
But then a voice in my head spoke out,
It reminded me that it could not be all that easy,
That we could not meet and immediately start working,
Like lock and key,
I was not rain,
You were not earth,
So it was not automatic that you would recieve me unconditionally,
So I asked myself,
What really makes a good wife?
Is it just the full stomach,
And regularly serviced groins?
Was it just washing and ironing your clothes,
And polishing your shoes?
What then happened after the mighty army I bore for you was all grown up and gone?
What was it that would make you wake up from your office chair,
And make your way up to me,
Everday, everytime,
For the rest of our lives?
What was it that I had to offer you?
Something that Lucy Cate and Beryl could not?
Something that missed from the warmth and fullness of Mary Magdalene’s bossom,
What spot could I touch that no other hand could decode?
What was it that my being had to posses to have your eyes and mind locked on me?
What was the secret that would trully make me a good wife?
Did I have the knees that could for go hours bent,
Reminding God of your name?
Did I have the hands to embrace you even when you came home covered with anothers scent?
Did I have the eyes to still look at you, even when I knew all so well that you were lying to me?
Did I have the heart to forgive you past the 4900 times that our Good Lord prescribed?
Even when you repeated the same mistake over and over again?
Did I have the strength to raise a child that carried your blood but was not my own?
Did I have the patience, kindness and self-control?
Peace that was adequate to keep me sane when things went overboard?
I am not saying that all men are liars and cheats,
Far from it,
I just wanted to know,
Did I posses the unconditional love,
That makes a good wife?

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