Love Me Back

14 Apr

If I slit my heart open for you,
Drain all the blood out,
Will you let me gaze into your eyes,
If I cry blood tears kneeling at your
Lick you from toe to your hair,
Will you shine a little light on your
soul for me,
If I write your name on my skin with a
Tatoo your initials on my DNA strands,
Will you let me touch your tempest
If I take my life for you,
Fight to my own death,
Will you say that you love me back.
Am gasping for breath running back to
Crawling through a thicket with thorns
and pythons,
Each time you kick me even further ,
What should I do for you to know that
am harmless,
That I want to warm your frozen heart,
Did she squeeze your heart to blood
Did she rip it out and ran away with it
flying on a broom,
Is it true that you have an ice cube for
a heart,
That you dont know the meaning of
the word love,
Does it make you feel good each time
you slash my heart,
Does it make you happy to crush me
like an ant,
What should I do to make you say you
love me back.
A slit for a smile,
Fangs for teeth,
An echo for a laugh,
A creature of the night,
A hollow cage for a heart,
A thirsty villain vampire,
A black shadow for a soul,
A human slayer,
A stinking stench for a spirit,
A distress of life,
Its true as they all say,
You will never say that you love me

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