23 Apr

desperate is not in a picture when I, you say, captured your eyes first.
You see, I was a damsel disordered by understanding how the world is ordered.
So really, I wasn’t looking,maybe at bottles, boys or clothes but
definitely not in your way.
But you saw complete, a woman in the girl I used to be
You gave A to my failures when successes summed up to C
You used walls I built up to my heart to build these courage
pillars you see kneel.
You threw away my shame-walker when dignity took its first step.
So here on one knee,
My pride befitting the dress I fit in,
My heart not withstanding how naked all these eyes make me feel
Before God, before man, before I smile or crumble at the greatest
mistake I ever made.
I was hoping my mind would conquer, that my heart would stand aside,
That I’d go back to being safe, and I’d keep waiting for you.
Not that I chose not to, I know you. I know your fears. I know this
person we built scares you, she surpassed the limits we thought we’d
get to but Love wins. I’ll win. We’ll win
Even if you say No, I’ll say Yes; Yours was a love I’d have been
blessed for eternity to live with.
But I’d never want to wake up to you again, man of my dreams
I hope the energy your soul radiates in me gives me strength to ask this..
Will you marry me?

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