01 May

Everyone you ever meet
Is quite addicted
To a number of things
Though many times
We only use that word
When we believe
An addiction is harmful
For the rest we politely use words like
‘habits,’ ‘character,’ ‘hobbies,’ or ‘rituals’
And as an excuse for keeping our addictions
We say things like,
“I can’t help it, it’s just the way I am”
Don’t be looking down, my friend
At those who have addictions to drugs or booze
Because you have a few addictions too
No matter how squeaky clean or healthy
You might figure yourself to be
And you can pretty much be certain
Some of your addictions aren’t very good for you
By far the strongest addiction
Everyone you ever meet has
Is the addiction to their own point-of-view
Your point-of-view can be a disease—
A demon of your own making
That can cripple you horribly
Or drag you down
To a rotting hell in life
No matter what good
Might come your way
Or, your point-view can be
A drug like no other
With as much clarity a fresh spring morning,
With a magic as deep and beautiful
As all the stars at night
And more powerful than anything
You could possibly ever put into your body,
Your point-of-view can give to you
A living, blue-sky paradise on Earth
Regardless of what
Terrible strife or tragedy
Life might throw your way
Remember, the more you tend to see
The more you tend to forgive
And the windows in your mind
You use to look at life
Really are what you tend to get back
It’s not a matter of where you look
But much more a matter
Of what you happen to notice

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