A Tear

13 Jun

Down deep in the heart
lies a soft spot not easily broken,
It produces the water that cleans the eyes,
it always finds solace rolling down the cheeks,
it’s the story-teller,
for bob but mostly Bella,
it can bring joy to the heart,
but also will reduce the hurt,
I have seen it fill jugs,
I have watched it drop into beer mugs,
in that dark little corner I have captured the reflection,
in my head of silence I felt it hit the floor wall connection,
in the back seat of a car I was told a cry from a broken heart was here and the cheeks were wet,
it that funeral I saw the sneeze and I saw it drop to the coffin were it laid a humble pet,
down in the confession both I found the wood watery,
and I felt this was the place it was legendary,
and on I heard the dead mosquito left a cheek wet with its damage,
and also heard a family tear when their son was moving with a bandage,
the drops will never end because its whats heals the soul,
so let me sit here and continue to reduce my pain with a tear drop.

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