African Woman

16 Jun

An African woman
A beautiful woman
O! In her ebony of smooth skin
She’s finesse as polished oaks
An African woman is a carving
Finely from camphor
Whoa! Those black eyes
Aw! Like pearls spilled in light
Sparkling like sequins in moonlit night
Her lips, glossy thick like a sublime sky
Their purplish polish finish peaceful
And her falling blows, a seduction
An African woman
A beautiful woman
Her hard tuft hairs, treated
Feels like pillow of preened fur
Try tracing her outline
An elegant art of glamour
A fine art done authentically
A balanced beautiful queen
Is the daughter of darkness
A true image of reflecting letter eight
The daughter of coal is original
An undefiled beauty to adulated
She is not plastic
Daughter of a cooking pot
Hers are not harnessed assets
Hers are true, naturally feeling
Daughter of charred charcoals is real
Her bust is beautifully balanced
Just as the way it was created
Her hips are authentically huge
Originally as they were sketched
Her butts are truly big
Curved cupped as firstly done
And her thighs, toughy thick
As to the original authors taste
Daughter of burnt woods
Is not a malleable mannequin
Daughter of soot
Is a true human
A compliment of
One untold from dark
One a picture of night
One that glossy glistens in light
She is daughter of the savanna sun
Daughter of the mild montane moon
She is the star of the tropical-equatorials
Look at her jaw line
An object of adore
Look at her figure line
A trailing trace of delight
Her hips and behinds
A parabola of fine finishing
O daughter of coal
She is a sparkle of the sun
A glean of the moon
A twinkle of the star
Daughter of tar is a beauty to behold!

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