My Giant

16 Jun

If ever I fall in love,
I want to fall in love with a giant,
7 feet and above,
A tall strong and mighty being,
With depths of feeling far beyond the usual,
thunderous rage of a wounded bear,
Yet humbling meekness of a new-born pup,
My Giant,
With big heart and limbs,
Broadest smile in the world,
Warmest, tightest hug,
I want to be loved by a Giant,
My Giant.
Towering several feet over me,
That when I look up to him,
And he down to me,
I am reminded that I am not the biggest person alive,
As I grew up to believe,
And when I stand next to him,
In his shadow,
I come out as a dwarf,
A miniature being,
And there all my insecurities are made to flee,
As with his mighty arms he,
Lifts me up, sweeping my feet off the ground,
With exceeding ease as a lioness with her cub,
There making my princess fantasies
come to being,
He, as my charming Prince,
My Knight in shining armor,
My well able shield.
My Giant,
With heart big enough,
To love a crooked soul like mine,
With mind wide enough,
To understand the language of a broken heart,
That when I tell him my story,
My past,
Having heard so various and vast,
He shall be far from shocked,
Not close to disappointment,
And with a kind embrace, and gentle laugh,
Say that he has heard far much worse.
My Giant,
With a voice strong and loud,
Certainly higher than the screams of my doubts,
That in moments of storm and fire,
He shall counter them waves and tongues with a deep and final bellow,
Command them to be still,
Sending them cowering back to their sources.
That when he tells me it will be alright,
My heart’s legs will come to a halt,
A definite pause,
And they will rest and wait for peace to manifest.
My Giant,
If I ever fall in love,
I want to love a giant,
A strong and mighty being,
With love so much,
Enough to drive out my insecurities,
I want to be loved by a giant,
With shoulders and arms strong enough to pull me out of holes of mistakes,
Pull me up when I fall,
With ears big enough,
To listen to my woes and blur,
Eyes deep enough to see past the facades I take up,
Soul deep enough to handle my baggage, my burdens, my mess,
And laugh deep and hearty,
Far much mellow than I ever heard,
That when I make him happy,
And he is struggling to get breath between fits of laughter,
As huge tears of joy are streaming down his face,
I shall be content if his was the last I ever heard.

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