Hurt my heart

26 Jun

I have so much to say,
But I have fewer words to write,
My mind is blank,
But my heart aches,
Words can’t express how I feel,
Only this tears that I cry.
It has been a week since you left,
But I still wonder did I deserve what you did,
What did I do that offended you that much?
When you walked out that door you took my happiness,
You left me broken-hearted,
I lost my appetite,
For some reason sleep is my only hope,
For I do dream of the happy moments that we shared.
If I could I would change the hands of time,
So that I can correct all the mistake I ever did,
To speak to you once again,
But love is joy and pain,
Love has that small bit of hate,
That pain that makes you realise you love someone when you let go.
Love is tears dried on a pillow,
Soaked in your hair and forgotten in the morning,
As you dream of precious moments,
Love is when you wake up to realise love is a dream,
In reality love hurts,
But it is part of being human,
I still love you,
I will do anything to have you back in my arms again.

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