Rambles of Stolen Moments

31 Aug

Rambles Of Stolen Moments..

I will not bother to hide feelings that want to be freed.
I want you but i can never have you. You want me but can never have me. You have captured my being into yours and i feel trapped in all these.
You must understand that i am not complaining just as you are not.

This space belongs to us and i want it guarded like a secret that it is.
No one should covet it, no one should steal it.
You melt me with your tenderness and break every wall around me.
All the flowers that had withered are now blooming beautifully.

The stolen moments are treasured like gold though short-lived, the memories remain engraved in my soul.
Is it wrong that this feels right?
Is it wrong that you are slowly becoming my addiction?

You whisper in my ear how much you love me and i want to believe you but i cannot say the same for you.

You see, i am not even sure what love is anymore.
The feelings that you arouse within me are much more than that.
I cannot tell you that i love you because i have never known love to be like this.

So when i look into your eyes please don’t expect me to say that i love you too.

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