Event Planning (Life of an Event Planner

30 Apr

The wonderful thing about event planning is there are no rules. What worked for one planner isn’t the magic potion for another. I’ve always viewed my event sites as art classrooms, with me being the teacher and my client the student. Together we created their event visions, often changing the game plan along the way. You can design a space that looks perfect on your computer screen, but when you start to build your actual site it doesn’t work – that’s okay!

Cookie cutter molds and industry trends don’t last long for good reasons. You might create what other planners feel is a beautiful master piece space. They try to duplicate your work, it never looks or feels the same as the original art. You are an original! You’re not meant to be copied, changed or molded to please the masses. When you live in the planning moment, go to that place within you that no one else has access to, that’s when you find your most creative moments.

It takes time to become the artist you feel you can be. Thumbing through Bridal magazines monthly, searching the Internet weekly for the latest trends, or following your favorite event planners daily on social media won’t catapult your career. The magic pill is you! You are worth however long it takes to reach that place you need to be. It’s not a race to the finish line, its your career path! Walk it with conviction, with purpose and with pride in your art!13076943_10154229167903117_7981953128179023989_n

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