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l think of you
as the sunset brings forth its hue
as the sunrise brings forth its glow
you give my life the flow
that’s why l can’t let you go
even if you bow
and crawl
even if you blow me kisses
and promise me lists
l won’t leave you in this gist
l will fight for you with fists
and we will clear this mist

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l see you watching me everyday
you hold back your words
as if afraid of what l might think
or how l might react
sometimes l imagine you are a spy
and l a classic federal fugitive
for every corner l turn ,l see you
every. place l go ,l find you
every. bus l get on,l see you.
but l bet you. are a stalker
a puny silent talker
a complete privacy mocker
a clear indication of a loner
but l won’t mind if you ask me. out for a coffee
l won’t fright or scamper when you pour out your soul
for l understand not the perks of being a ghoul
but of being human

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Good bye

If by my presence I caused more hurt
Than that I caused while we were apart
Then adieu old friend, adieu
I must say goodbye to you

If in my silence I spoke more truth
Than when my words came through
I hope you listened to my silence
Unlike when you eschewed my words

If in being here I was away more
Than when I was away before
Then this goodbye I must say
Because I cant stay here anymore

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New Love

She kept her phone in hand
Waiting for the call or the message
That never could come
Yet she enjoyed that feeling
Of being a teenager again

The thrill of being wanted,
Of being loved, a fire burning
A warmth that keeps one awake
That awakens the spirit
Making the child in you dance

It burns less often now
Buried within the rubles
Of everyday chores and chaos
Yet it surfaces, and lingers
Like sweet scented perfume

Just for a moment, yet long enough
To keep the fire burning
Stir the desire embers
Relight the hope of a love
Yet to come yet too far away

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Silent Walls

These walls know me
These walls have seen me
And these walls have understood me
In their silence they have been my friend
They have been my comfort
Because my secrets they have told to none

These walls know my pain
These walls know my struggles
These walls have watched a Woman cry
Yet said nothing
These walls have seen my emotions
And did not say a thing
These walls have watched me sleep hungry
And said nothing
These walls have seen my mistakes
And yet did not judge me
This walls have seen my shame
Yet still remained silent
These walls have seen me fall
And said nothing
These walls have watched love depart from me
And still they have remained silent

These walls have seen my brokenness
And still they have said nothing
These walls have seen me rejected and dejected
And said nothing
Yes these walls have seen my life
And yet still remained silent

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I sat at the table earlier tonight
looking out the open sliding glass door.
A light outside lined up with the door frame
so that when I leaned a certain way,
it appeared to shine on both sides of the frame.
They call this an optical illusion because
the perception of two lights
when there is really only one depends upon
the way your brain-box processes the information
it receives from your two eyes.
Yet, to you the light appears to split into two beams.

For the same reason they say
rainbows are optical illusions because
they aren’t really there and you see them only because
your brain-box processes the refraction of light
off of raindrops in a certain way so there appears
to be a beautiful curve of colors off in the distant sky.

The secret my friends is that everything you see around you
all day long every day, are a series of illusions.
Cars and trucks appear to you to be what they are only because
your brain-box perceives them
to have a certain function and do certain things.
Houses appear to be what they are only because we all have
a certain perception that those rectangular enclosures
exist to shelter us and we all agree upon the illusion
that we owe the bank a great deal of money that we must pay
in order to use the house where we live and we each participate
in the further of illusion of pretending the house is ours.

Our physics teaches us that all matter and energy obey
a strange set of laws they call ‘quantum mechanics’
and our perception of these quantum events
as well as the perceptions of our measuring instruments
depend on the interaction between the objects being observed
and the brain-boxes of the folks doing the observing.
So, the entirety of the world around us that we inadvertently
think of as ‘real’ depends on our perceptions in the same way
as the illusions of rainbows
and two beams shining when there is only one light.
Rainbows, lights shining outside your back door,
your car, the mortgage on your house, and everything else
that seems real to your brain-box
are all daydreams we each idly dream
deep within an great illusion,
floating gently in a grand enigma.

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Burn me in your heart

Burn me in the kilns of your heart
Till all of me-wholly melts
Roast me in the furnaces of your soul
There with your compassionate scarlet coal

Let me there be cremated completely
And the gray ash of my charred bones
Its dusty rusty chalky particles
At its bottoms like sediments settle

Paint me in your thoughts belts
Till I am the artist’s finest art
Draw me in your busy brains
Keep me alive in your membranes

Crush me in your outstretched arms
Till I am lost in the feels of your palms
In your humble hands grind me
Till all of me is powdery and done

Kill every ounce of left me
But let my memory never die
In the chests of your mind
Hideaway with me some more
To remind you of the dusty me

In your lips let me be fantasized
Let like honey taste in your tongues
Like an aroma of jasmines fragrance
Let my perfuming pollens your nose incense

In your nostril peacefully drink me
Like fertile wine let me imbibe you
Feel the coppery colour of me in you
Until your mind be imbued with me

In your eyes dine on me
Sweet eat me in your sacred sight
With lots of piquant appetite
As a queens party buffet

Write me, calibrate me
Beautiful like etched letters
Of a renown Calligrapher
In the epitaphs of your heart

Emboss me, engrave me, curve me
Permanent like the picture-sculpture
Of an ancient king crown
In the medieval medallions
In the spirits if your soul
That I may never be a forgotten sole
Even in your sore sorrows

Let me live long like a river rock
In your ageless memory
Ever passed over by the springs of streaming time
But never washed away of it memories and fantasies
By the evolution of eras and epochs
Let us years stare, scare and scale still in love!

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