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While I was pondering about life, I discovered that:
Sometimes, to succeed in life you need ENEMIES! Yes!
You need people who will mock you, so that you can run to God. You need people who will try to intimidate you, so that you can be courageous.
You need people who will say “NO” so that you can learn how to be independent…I mean how to do it yourself.
You need people who will disappoint you so that you can put all your trust in God alone.
You need people who will work towards you loosing that job, so that you can start your own big business.
You need people who will sell your ‘Joseph’ so that ‘you’ can get to Egypt and be a Prime Minister in a strange land of captivity You need a cruel landlord, so that you won’t be too comfortable in someone Else’s house, then you can build your own house on time.
But sometimes, when we are disappointed, we feel very bad and we tend to remain on that spot. Not knowing that the end-point of disappointment is the beginning of your accomplishments.
Understand this, “that every disappointment you once had came with a blessing!” However, it is not everyone that partakes in this blessing that I’m talking about.
You cannot see a new OPEN door while you are still putting all your attention, time and energy in trying to force the closed one to open.
And again I say, “No disappointment can ever come without an attached blessing!” So, when the disappointment come, thank God for it and tell “HIM” to open your eyes to see the new blessing that HE has for you!
Disappointment is PHASE1 while accomplishment is PHASE2. I doubt if one can jump the protocols. That is why it is called BREAKTHROUGH Something must BREAK so that you can go THROUGH!

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Chariots of Fire

In the calmness of the heart,
We are kept away from hurt,
Our lives burn like chariots of fire,
But in God strength we will never tire,
In chariots of fire He will take us higher,
For our troubles are just but for hire,
Eventually the chariots of fire will take us to the messiah,
Then we will be His blessed just like Isaiah,
While we wait in fire and brine we are molded,
In hope and faith we are shielded,
Even though we will face death,
We will never run out of breath,
When the time comes the chariots of fire will take us there,
For salvation is not just a game of dare,
The lord promised to come for us,
And its true that day will come to pass,
When we will all go to the Father,
When the world can hold us no further,
We will fly to heaven on chariots of fire

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The Reply Of The Tongue

I was asked about someone the other day
And the truth about that someone I did say
Had I already forgotten whose sins Jesus Life He did lay?
Or was I simply ready for the other party to have their way.

I should cover that someone’s sins with love
And speak blessings about them to the other party from up above
This way I remember who it is I serve
And let God be responsible for changing their life’s curve.

I was asked about how I was doing
And I replied how from good to bad my life was going
Had I already forgotten what favor I had and how it was growing?
Or was I more concerned to share pity for the other party’s viewing.

I should know that I was bought with a price
And speak blessing over me because of He who in me resides
This way I will set my eyes on He that is good and wise
Let my tongue speak only that which to God has aromas of sweet spice.

I was asked about a blessing in something
And I replied how hard work was everything
Did I already forget that without Him I can do nothing?
Or did pride creep in and claim everything.

I should be aware that God does not call the qualified but qualifies the called
And investment in this world in Heaven will be annulled
This way only God’s glory in my life I will applaud
And when that day comes I will be part of His people who for Him we will be assembled.

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God’s Love

They said, I answered, He concluded
I was told that they know of my mother
They said they have seen my earthly father
They were sure that they have heard of my siblings all together
But I wanted to paint for them a different picture

I told them that it is true that they know of my mother and asked whether they know of my God
I accepted that they have seen my earthly father but I probed into whether they have seen God’s words which are my shield and sword
I was aware that they have heard of my siblings but I wondered whether they have heard of my beautiful Lord
To whom I am attached to like a mother and child’s cord

They wanted to know what it is I do
They were curious as to what it is I had studied in school
They asked around as to what it is I have chosen to pursue
But I wanted to show them a different side of cool

I told them that what I do is walk with my God daily
I let them know that I have studied His words thoroughly
I wanted them to know that I have pursued my God faithfully
And when they seek Him earnestly, they will appreciate my works to be fruitful successfully.

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Lose and Gain

Lose and Gain
for you to gain something in life,
you got to lose in order to gain,
to gain that special man/woman,
you got to lose those many
girlfriends & boyfriends you have,
for you to be successful, you got to
lose that pride,
for you to gain insurance, you must
suffer a loss,
for you to love, lose the hatred,
for you gain positivity, lose the
negativity in you
for you to stay in light, lose the
darkness in you,
for you to gain Heaven, lose the
earthiness in you,
lastly even for mankind to be saved
Christ had to lose His life so we may
gain salvation

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A Pillar of Hope

If only you believe in Gods mighty power
It enriches us with life to blossom like a flower
His goodness and love come in an endless shower
Of light and of strength his word does empower
In the fight against evil, it makes the enemy cower
God is the pillar and the tower of hope

When the currents of turmoil, charge at full steam
And you’re swept by the torrent of everyday life’s stream
Then it dumps you in the sea of a lost or broken dream
And leaves you drowning in misery too helpless to scream
In this murky watery grave you see no light even a gleam
God is the pillar and the ray of hope

When you’re lost in the dark and wicked life’s terrain
Cast in life’s dark shadow of terror and pain in your brain
And you feel like your whole life is doing down the drain
Leaving you too hopeless and weak to handle life’s strain
When caught in life’s storm and your tears soak in the rain
God is the pillar and the river of hope

When you walk through the valley of the shadow of death
Fear no evil or the devils cunning tricks and deadly stealth
Even you with a terminal illness eating away at your health
Even you that has nothing, no will to live, no power, no wealth
Even if each moment is of torment leading to your last breath
God is the pillar and the fountain of hope

Let God into your life and you will always have hope

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