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Event Planning Roles

calendar and clock close up shot

calendar and clock close up shot

Simplest and most precise descriptions of Event planning roles

Many people use the terms planner, coordinator, and consultant interchangeably. However, the reality is that there are differences depending on what you need done for your event or wedding.

Planner: This would be the person you would have with you from beginning to end. This is either because you don’t have the time to do it all, or you just simply acknowledge that you need help pulling it all together. This goes for weddings and other social events.

Coordinator: In the case of a wedding, this would be the person who would show up for the rehearsal, ceremony, and reception. In other social events, this person would simply run the show the day of the event.

Consultant: The consultant is the person you are looking to advise you specific items related to your event. You may meet with this person once or many times, but they will typically charge by the hour because you only need their consultation

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