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Good bye

If by my presence I caused more hurt
Than that I caused while we were apart
Then adieu old friend, adieu
I must say goodbye to you

If in my silence I spoke more truth
Than when my words came through
I hope you listened to my silence
Unlike when you eschewed my words

If in being here I was away more
Than when I was away before
Then this goodbye I must say
Because I cant stay here anymore

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Good bye


I am leaving you friend,
Special one, apple of my eye.
I will deeply miss your presence,
Sunk forever in my absence.
I am doing this smiling,
Though deep inside I am crying.

I am going hoping
That I will never regret,
Wishing that you don’t forget
All the good things we did.
I am leaving all that I need,
What I never thought I’d neglect.

I have to depart darling
Since we are now two,
Not knowing exactly where to.
May your ego and pride
Find you a perfect bride.
All the best dear

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