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While I was pondering about life, I discovered that:
Sometimes, to succeed in life you need ENEMIES! Yes!
You need people who will mock you, so that you can run to God. You need people who will try to intimidate you, so that you can be courageous.
You need people who will say “NO” so that you can learn how to be independent…I mean how to do it yourself.
You need people who will disappoint you so that you can put all your trust in God alone.
You need people who will work towards you loosing that job, so that you can start your own big business.
You need people who will sell your ‘Joseph’ so that ‘you’ can get to Egypt and be a Prime Minister in a strange land of captivity You need a cruel landlord, so that you won’t be too comfortable in someone Else’s house, then you can build your own house on time.
But sometimes, when we are disappointed, we feel very bad and we tend to remain on that spot. Not knowing that the end-point of disappointment is the beginning of your accomplishments.
Understand this, “that every disappointment you once had came with a blessing!” However, it is not everyone that partakes in this blessing that I’m talking about.
You cannot see a new OPEN door while you are still putting all your attention, time and energy in trying to force the closed one to open.
And again I say, “No disappointment can ever come without an attached blessing!” So, when the disappointment come, thank God for it and tell “HIM” to open your eyes to see the new blessing that HE has for you!
Disappointment is PHASE1 while accomplishment is PHASE2. I doubt if one can jump the protocols. That is why it is called BREAKTHROUGH Something must BREAK so that you can go THROUGH!

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l see you watching me everyday
you hold back your words
as if afraid of what l might think
or how l might react
sometimes l imagine you are a spy
and l a classic federal fugitive
for every corner l turn ,l see you
every. place l go ,l find you
every. bus l get on,l see you.
but l bet you. are a stalker
a puny silent talker
a complete privacy mocker
a clear indication of a loner
but l won’t mind if you ask me. out for a coffee
l won’t fright or scamper when you pour out your soul
for l understand not the perks of being a ghoul
but of being human

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Burn me in your heart

Burn me in the kilns of your heart
Till all of me-wholly melts
Roast me in the furnaces of your soul
There with your compassionate scarlet coal

Let me there be cremated completely
And the gray ash of my charred bones
Its dusty rusty chalky particles
At its bottoms like sediments settle

Paint me in your thoughts belts
Till I am the artist’s finest art
Draw me in your busy brains
Keep me alive in your membranes

Crush me in your outstretched arms
Till I am lost in the feels of your palms
In your humble hands grind me
Till all of me is powdery and done

Kill every ounce of left me
But let my memory never die
In the chests of your mind
Hideaway with me some more
To remind you of the dusty me

In your lips let me be fantasized
Let like honey taste in your tongues
Like an aroma of jasmines fragrance
Let my perfuming pollens your nose incense

In your nostril peacefully drink me
Like fertile wine let me imbibe you
Feel the coppery colour of me in you
Until your mind be imbued with me

In your eyes dine on me
Sweet eat me in your sacred sight
With lots of piquant appetite
As a queens party buffet

Write me, calibrate me
Beautiful like etched letters
Of a renown Calligrapher
In the epitaphs of your heart

Emboss me, engrave me, curve me
Permanent like the picture-sculpture
Of an ancient king crown
In the medieval medallions
In the spirits if your soul
That I may never be a forgotten sole
Even in your sore sorrows

Let me live long like a river rock
In your ageless memory
Ever passed over by the springs of streaming time
But never washed away of it memories and fantasies
By the evolution of eras and epochs
Let us years stare, scare and scale still in love!

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Sky Dive

Am not afraid
Am taking the fall from this skies
Am letting go of the safety
The safety in this raft, so cosy and warm
Am taking this fall
Am letting go the strings
We all have to fall anyway
So am taking my fall here & now!
Am not afraid of the storm so gloomy
Am not afraid of the winds so mean
Am not afraid of the lighting so sharp
Am not afraid of the height so scary
My parachute will not snap
My heart will not fail
My eyes will not dim
My ground will not erupt
My fall will be beautiful
My glide will be graceful
The 120 seconds will look like two
Am not afraid of this sky dive
Am not afraid

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Hurt my heart

I have so much to say,
But I have fewer words to write,
My mind is blank,
But my heart aches,
Words can’t express how I feel,
Only this tears that I cry.
It has been a week since you left,
But I still wonder did I deserve what you did,
What did I do that offended you that much?
When you walked out that door you took my happiness,
You left me broken-hearted,
I lost my appetite,
For some reason sleep is my only hope,
For I do dream of the happy moments that we shared.
If I could I would change the hands of time,
So that I can correct all the mistake I ever did,
To speak to you once again,
But love is joy and pain,
Love has that small bit of hate,
That pain that makes you realise you love someone when you let go.
Love is tears dried on a pillow,
Soaked in your hair and forgotten in the morning,
As you dream of precious moments,
Love is when you wake up to realise love is a dream,
In reality love hurts,
But it is part of being human,
I still love you,
I will do anything to have you back in my arms again.

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My Giant

If ever I fall in love,
I want to fall in love with a giant,
7 feet and above,
A tall strong and mighty being,
With depths of feeling far beyond the usual,
thunderous rage of a wounded bear,
Yet humbling meekness of a new-born pup,
My Giant,
With big heart and limbs,
Broadest smile in the world,
Warmest, tightest hug,
I want to be loved by a Giant,
My Giant.
Towering several feet over me,
That when I look up to him,
And he down to me,
I am reminded that I am not the biggest person alive,
As I grew up to believe,
And when I stand next to him,
In his shadow,
I come out as a dwarf,
A miniature being,
And there all my insecurities are made to flee,
As with his mighty arms he,
Lifts me up, sweeping my feet off the ground,
With exceeding ease as a lioness with her cub,
There making my princess fantasies
come to being,
He, as my charming Prince,
My Knight in shining armor,
My well able shield.
My Giant,
With heart big enough,
To love a crooked soul like mine,
With mind wide enough,
To understand the language of a broken heart,
That when I tell him my story,
My past,
Having heard so various and vast,
He shall be far from shocked,
Not close to disappointment,
And with a kind embrace, and gentle laugh,
Say that he has heard far much worse.
My Giant,
With a voice strong and loud,
Certainly higher than the screams of my doubts,
That in moments of storm and fire,
He shall counter them waves and tongues with a deep and final bellow,
Command them to be still,
Sending them cowering back to their sources.
That when he tells me it will be alright,
My heart’s legs will come to a halt,
A definite pause,
And they will rest and wait for peace to manifest.
My Giant,
If I ever fall in love,
I want to love a giant,
A strong and mighty being,
With love so much,
Enough to drive out my insecurities,
I want to be loved by a giant,
With shoulders and arms strong enough to pull me out of holes of mistakes,
Pull me up when I fall,
With ears big enough,
To listen to my woes and blur,
Eyes deep enough to see past the facades I take up,
Soul deep enough to handle my baggage, my burdens, my mess,
And laugh deep and hearty,
Far much mellow than I ever heard,
That when I make him happy,
And he is struggling to get breath between fits of laughter,
As huge tears of joy are streaming down his face,
I shall be content if his was the last I ever heard.

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African Woman

An African woman
A beautiful woman
O! In her ebony of smooth skin
She’s finesse as polished oaks
An African woman is a carving
Finely from camphor
Whoa! Those black eyes
Aw! Like pearls spilled in light
Sparkling like sequins in moonlit night
Her lips, glossy thick like a sublime sky
Their purplish polish finish peaceful
And her falling blows, a seduction
An African woman
A beautiful woman
Her hard tuft hairs, treated
Feels like pillow of preened fur
Try tracing her outline
An elegant art of glamour
A fine art done authentically
A balanced beautiful queen
Is the daughter of darkness
A true image of reflecting letter eight
The daughter of coal is original
An undefiled beauty to adulated
She is not plastic
Daughter of a cooking pot
Hers are not harnessed assets
Hers are true, naturally feeling
Daughter of charred charcoals is real
Her bust is beautifully balanced
Just as the way it was created
Her hips are authentically huge
Originally as they were sketched
Her butts are truly big
Curved cupped as firstly done
And her thighs, toughy thick
As to the original authors taste
Daughter of burnt woods
Is not a malleable mannequin
Daughter of soot
Is a true human
A compliment of
One untold from dark
One a picture of night
One that glossy glistens in light
She is daughter of the savanna sun
Daughter of the mild montane moon
She is the star of the tropical-equatorials
Look at her jaw line
An object of adore
Look at her figure line
A trailing trace of delight
Her hips and behinds
A parabola of fine finishing
O daughter of coal
She is a sparkle of the sun
A glean of the moon
A twinkle of the star
Daughter of tar is a beauty to behold!

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